Cooling the dog’s sperm and semen Analysis

This service is getting more and more popular. Contrary to appearances, it is more difficult than waking up chilled sperm. I have the experience and appropriate equipment to do it in a professional manner.

Semen Analysis

This is an essential test when cooling and awakening sperm. Assessing sperm quality is very important and successful fertilization depends on it.

This is a quick semen quality test. This should be done when the male has had several empty fertilizers.

I always do this in the process of artificial fertilization. This study allows us to determine such parameters as:

  • Concentration
  • Motility
  • Progressive movement.
  • speed.

For this study, the presence of the bitch in heat is indicated.

If the dog has never had sperm collected then several visits are sometimes needed.
The price for the test is £ 40 regardless of the number of visits.

Cooling the dog’s sperm.


  • Sperm collection.
  • Semen Analysis.
  • Separate the sperm cells from the prostate fluid.
  • Adding the appropriate extender.
  • Cooling down.
  • Packed in a suitable box.
  • 24H Shipping within the UK.

Properly chilled semen remains usable for 5 days.

Price: £230*

* This is the total cost for all service items including box and shipping costs.

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