Ultrasound scanning

Ultrasound scanning to confirm pregnancy for dogs and cats mobile service.

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mobile pet ultrasound scanning Redgranate


Mobile pet microchipping service

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Redgranate microchipping

Ovulation detection

To choose the best mating day for the bitch.

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Whelping Service

Help during the whelping.

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Redgranate cocker spaniel

Odour removal

Type of serviceMobile
my set
Ultrasound scanning to confirm pregnancyfrom £40*£25
Ultrasound scan after whelping
Checking if all puppies were born
from £40*
Artificial insemination (ai) Since July 2023 only a vet can do it.
Cooling the dog’s sperm
sperm collection, remove the prostatic fraction, extender, send by courier 24h
Semen analysis
I always do this test during ai. A female dog in heat is needed to perform the test.
from £40
One-time ovulation check and cytolog£30
Ovulation detection
To get the whole picture, this should be done every day from the 6th day of the heat.
not available£30
Hire Draminski Ovulation Detector
£150 Deposit
Whelping assistancefrom £150
Pets microchipping£10/puppy***£10/pet
Odour removalfrom £35from £25
* Depending on where you live, this price may change.
** The price includes ovulation detection, semen analysis, ai, and an ultrasound scan 30 days after to confirm pregnancy. This is the price for all services together.
*** Depending on where you live, this price may change.
**** Only insemination. On ovulation test. No sperm test.
***** £150 deposit
I accept cash or bank transfer payments.

Mobile Service Area

My regular service is located at Leven, KY8 4ED.

I operate throughout Fife, Dundee, Perth, Kinross, West Lothian, and Edinburgh.

I provide services outside this area, but additional costs must be agreed upon in advance.

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