Ovulation Detection

About Ovulation

Ovulation detection methods

Progesterone test.

The progesterone index is determined by testing a blood sample. In the UK, only a vet can legally take a blood sample.

I don’t do this test.


Examination of a smear under a microscope from the vagina of a bitch.

Ovulation Detector

Non-invasive examination of mucus in the vagina of a bitch.


The old school of observing the bitch and the changes taking place.

Ovulation Detector

Draminski Ovulation Detector we have been using it in our breeding for years. This device always allows us to accurately determine the fertile days.


  • Non-invasive.
  • Instant result
  • Easy measurement.
  • Additional information can be obtained from the obtained graph:
    • How long does estrus last?
    • Is the female dog mature enough to breed?
    • Some hormonal abnormalities.
  • It is perfectly legal.
  • It’s cheap.


  • In order to get a complete picture of the course of ovulation, this test must be performed daily from the 2nd-3rd day of the cycle.


One-time ovulation check*£30
Daily checking of ovulation until its end

The price is for the entire period, regardless of the number of visits
Hire Draminski Ovulation Detector.

Before renting, the customer will be trained on how to use the device. Daily telephone consultations are included.
* I use Draminski Ovulation Detector and check for other symptoms.* £150 deposit

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