Ultrasound scanning

I offer professional ultrasound scanning (usg) services to confirm pregnancy for dogs and cats.

The best time to do it is 30-35 days after mating or ai.

About my service

Mobile ultrasound scanning service is convenient for you and your dog. I can come to your home and perform this service in confrontational conditions for you and your pet. In addition, during the visit, I provide free advice about dog breeding.

About ultrasound scanning

This is a safe test for the bitch and her fetuses.

When is the best time for an ultrasound?

The best time to perform this test is 30-35 days after fertilization, or ai. The fetal sacs are most visible during this period. Their size allows for counting the fetuses. 35 days after fertilization, the fetuses begin to grow very dynamically.

40 days after fertilization by ultrasound counting fetuses is very difficult. The fetal sacs are long and arranged in different directions. I can only confirm whether the female dog is pregnant at this stage.

Price for mobile service: from £40*

* The exact price depends on the mileage £40.

Special offer

£25/ scan at my headquarters. If you come to me in Leven, I’ll do the scan for £25.

Ultrasound scan in KY84ED
This offer is only for those who can come to me for it.
Mobile ultrasound scan service.
The price depends on where you live/stay.
from £40
During the visit, I offer free advice

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