This mobile service is designed for dogs and cats.


A chip is a miniature microprocessor on which a unique number is stored. The microchip is activated by radio waves. After receiving them, it automatically sends back the number that is displayed on a special device. Veterinarians and relevant services are equipped with such readers. More and more such devices are used by the police and municipal guards. Thanks to the number sent by the chip, we are able to quickly identify the owner of the missing dog. The data that is in the database allows us to quickly find the owner of the dog/cat.


UK law requires every dog to be microchipped and the owner’s details kept up to date in the database.

Fine for no microchips is £500

Fine for not registering in the microchip database: £500

If your dog is not microchipped you may be fined £100

Microchipping dogs and cats can only be done by a qualified person who has completed the appropriate course and passed the exam.


I completed a course organized by Smartbreeder in 2020. After completing the course, I passed the exam and received a certificate with a unique number.

Smartbreeder certificate


Mobile pet microchipping service.

  • Implant placement.
  • Database registration.

Price: £10/pet*

* Price the price may change depending on the distance where you live. The minimum price is £40.

If you only have 1 – 3 pets the price is £40.
If you have 4 or more pets, the price is £10/pet

In case of questions and concerns, please contact me: 07399 201 179

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